Review: CST Crucible tires

By Shannon Mominee

CST’s Crucible tire is part of its city/commuter line. It has all the features I desire in a tire that will be used for thousands of miles in an urban environment. I’m talking about reflective sidewalls, Kevlar puncture protection, and a little tread because not all surfaces are paved or dry.

The Crucible rolls smoothly but felt a little sticky at first, picking up stones that rattled off the inside of my fenders. Wear has been minimal over the four months of continuous use and I’ve received only one flat from a nail. Overall I’m pleased with the Crucible.

If you’re looking for a durable, comfortable rolling tire with minimum resistance and added night visibility, try the Crucible. It comes in three 700c sizes and one 26-inch size.

Vital stats

  • MSRP: $22
  • Size tested 700x38c
  • Weight: 490g
  • Country of Origin: China

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