New website helps you navigate Washington D.C. by bike

The nation’s capital is a wonderful place to ride, but the network of one-way streets and angled streets can make it difficult to navigate. A new, open-source website hopes to make it easier. is a new bike routing website from OpenPlans, a non-profit technology organization helping to open up government and improve transportation systems. Users click a start and end point and the system does the rest. You can modify the route by sliding options for the fastest, flattest, or most bike friendly path. Users can also choose a bike share station from which to rent a bike. It even knows the current inventory and parking space, and won’t send you to an empty or completely full bike share station.

Right now the system covers the metro Washington area and surrounding neighborhoods, but because the system is open-source and relys on user input, it can expand further. A twin site is planned for New York. 

The best part: it works on your smartphone too, so you can use it on the go. 


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