Review: Exposure Strada 1200

By Adam Newman

Exposure lights have never had the kind of…er…um…exposure…in the U.S. that they deserve. Now with an exclusive distributor for North America, they’re making another push to show that they’re the sugar in your Earl Grey. Yes, Exposure lights hail from the U.K., where they’re fitted with the latest electronics and batteries inside a CNC machined, waterproof housing.

The Strada 1200 was new for 2017, and specifically designed for road and commuting use. High powered mountain bike lights have been this bright for years, but the Strada has a wide, flat beam that can illuminate the edges of the roadway without blinding oncoming drivers.

On the rear of the aluminum cylinder body is the “Fuel Gauge,” an organic LED that can display words and numbers instead of just colored lights. For example, it can tell you the light is in HIGH mode, has 87 percent battery life left, and will run for 2:45 until empty. It’s a godsend compared to most lights that don’t do more than turn from green to red when they get low if that.

That won’t happen often with the Strada though. The 7,800 mAh battery can run for three hours on high and 36 hours on low, which is easily a week or two’s worth of commuting through city streets. It takes nine hours to complete a full charge through the port on the rear of the unit. Though it can be charged via USB, it uses a cable with a proprietary plug on one end. On the back of the light, the charging port is also used for the included remote control and other accessories. Those features are nice, but I’ll always deduct points for a proprietary cable.

Topping it all off (well, it’s actually underneath) is the best quick-release bracket in the business, a solid chunk of aluminum that locks into place like a rifle bolt. Downsides? Well, for one, it’s not small. The cylinder is nearly the size of a Red Bull can, and the price is even bigger. But you get what you pay for here, because it’s pretty much the Cadillac…no, make that Jaguar of bike lights.

Price: $391

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