First Impressions: Peace Dreamer by Peace Bicycles

Peace Bicycles makes just a pair of bikes: this traditional double diamond frame in a size 54 cm and a step-thru frame in 47 cm. Taking cues from traditional Dutch style bikes, the seven-speed Dreamer is as fully equipped to handle everyday cycling right out of the box as anything I’ve swung a leg over in the last few years. Peace Bicycles says “part of every purchase will go towards buying a bike for someone in need. Peace will donate a part of proceeds towards bike co-ops for refurbishing bicycles. ”



Check this thing out: full chain guard, kickstand, front and rear LED lights, rear rack, fenders, skirt guard and a bell. The bike wears a pretty swank headtube badge, as well.


The skirt guard is an intricate series of tiny bungie cords.


I’ve been pretty happy to have such a well-appointed bike around to just hop on and go, regardless of weather or whether I am wearing riding gear. And at times (you might want to stop reading now), I’ve skipped the helmet entirely as the laid-back nature of this bike is more akin to a casual stroll, in my mind.

PeaceDreamer-6 PeaceDreamer-4

PeaceDreamer-9 PeaceDreamer-8

So far, so good. The saddle is a fine place to spend some time; the upright position is easy on the back; and the big Schwalbe Fat Frank balloon tires offer a magic carpet ride.


We’ll have a full review in the next issue of the magazine; hurry up and subscribe if you haven’t yet.

In the meantime, head over to the Peace Bicycles website for more info. It looks like these are on special right now at $699, which seems like a swell deal. A word of warning: While these bikes are sold consumer direct, Peace recommends shipping directly to a bike shop for assembly. After putting this one together myself, I think that is a wise move even with the supplied tools and instructions; this was a frustrating build. Peace is working on a “99% assembled” option for those not into DIY assembly.




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