Bicycle Times #27 is on its way

We’ve been busy writing and editing and shooting photos and drinking excessive amounts of coffee and staying up too late—and now the next issue of Bicycle Times has been sent off to the printer. This is what we’ve cooked up for you.

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In this issue


On the cover: Trina Haynes and the Breezer Downtown 5. Photo by Jon Pratt.


An interview with Chris Igleheart by Kevin Murphy

The soft-spoken legend of framebuilding dishes on his new home in Portland, the evolution of the bike industry, and his favorite tunes to braze to. You can see the short film about Igleheart in the first episode of the Movers and Makers series.



Tough and Tender Essay #2, by Tovah Burstein

Presented in partnership with Swift Industries, we present the second of three winners of the Tough and Tender literary and photography contest to celebrate women’s experience in cycling. Stay tuned for more essays, both on our website and on Swift’s—there were many excellent entries we’d like to share!



Signs of Life in the Poloverse by Bryce Stucki

Bike polo is colorful and can be fast-paced and aggressive, but always maintains a casual attitude. As one of this article’s subjects, Sean Ingram of polo gear maker Fixcraft, says, he “had a blast” playing. “And I don’t mean a blast like you have a blast as an adult. I had a blast like a kid does.” Our intrepid reporter Bryce Stucki talked to a bunch of polo aficionados, and we gathered photos from tournaments and pick-up games across the country. A companion piece, “’Bike Polo Toronto” by Chris Pitfield, is a personal look at one young players acceptance into the polo family. What better way to mold young minds to become the responsible citizens this country needs, than to get them into bike polo? (I sound like I’m joking, but I’m not.) 


California Surf Tour by Sean Jansen

Have you ever thought of combining watercraft with a bike tour? The trip of a lifetime is realized as Jansen travels more than 900 miles on his first bike tour in search of perfect surf but finding so much more.



The Black and White of Green Lanes by Jay Walljasper

As bike lanes spread in the South Side of Chicago, communities of color remain skeptical of their potential benefits.



Tools: Between the Lines – Safety tips for riding at night, and Ask Beardo the Weirdo – Advice on bike repair, maintenance, and maybe your love life.



Product reviews

  • Raleigh Capri
  • Breezer Downtown 5
  • Giant Invite 2
  • All City Mr. Pink
  • Campagnolo Veloce grouppo
  • Avid BB7S brakes
  • Bib shorts for ladies
  • And more…



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