ABUS Introduces Folding Lock with Built-in Alarm: The Bordo Alarm

Bordo Alarm

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ABUS just introduced an extra level of security to its Bordo line of locks with an alarmed folding bike lock. The Bordo Alarm includes a 3D movement sensor that triggers an alarm should your bike or lock be tampered with. The idea is that the noise will deter thieves and prevent most from finishing “the job.”

ABUS’s Bordo line of folding bike locks ranges from the Bordo Lite to the Bordo XPlus for different security needs. ABUS gives each of its locks a Security Level of 1-15. The Bordo Alarm is rated a Level 10, which ABUS considers to be strong enough to be used “with higher-end bicycles, bikes locked in urban areas and for use in areas of high-theft risk.”

The Bordo Alarm’s movement sensor sets off a 100-decibel alarm for 15 seconds if the lock is tampered with. The sensor also detects if the movement is short and small – such as if someone bumps the bike – and sets off a quick “warning tone.”

The Bordo Alarm is compatible with the ABUS Plus Cylinder system, which allows for one key to be used with multiple different ABUS locks and helps protect against manipulations (lock picking).

The Bordo Alarm is 90 cm long when extended and folds up to a fraction of that size. It retails for $169.99.

More info can be found on the ABUS website.

 Bordo Alarm

 Bordo Alarm

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