Yuba launches new cargo cruiser with a great party

By Maurice Tierney

Yuba unveiled its new Boda Boda last Wednesday at its shop in Sausalito, and I had to be there for free beer and some good company. As you may have already heard here, the Boda Boda is Yuba’s new short/long bike (Mid-tail anyone?).

While I myself have been rocking the Yuba Mundo longbike to its full 450lb, capacity (look for our full review in issue #19) I think they are going to sell a lot of Boda Bodas because they are a bit more convenient, weighing only 35 lbs, and are short enough to fit into smaller places a bit easier. I am gonna say it offers 85 percent of the functionality in a smaller, lighter, less expensive package.

Unlike The one-size-fits-most Mundo, the BB comes in two sizes, a medium, step-through frame to fit riders 5’0″ to 5’7″ and a large, non-step-through for riders 5’7″ to 6’2″

The name Boda Boda comes from Africa, where bikes with back seats have been used as taxis for some time. As you can see, the Boda Boda is perfect for picking up a passenger, while still enjoying a beer. Capacity is 220lbs. plus driver.


Boda Bodas are compatable with all the same accessories as the Mundo, including the Breadbasket front rack and the kid seat.

Congratulations to Lindsay A. She came the closest to guessing what the Boda Boda Cargo Cruiser would be like, and has won herself a new bike! Here is her drawing…

So let the fun begin. Yours truly pedaled the pedal-powered music system…

So Paul could get his Fossil Fool Rap on for our entertainment. Beer courtesy of Lagunitas, A Little Sumpin to be enjoyed.

While the man behind the curtain, Ben Sarrazin, mastered the ceremonies.

Families had family fun, looks like the Boda Boda can still carry a load of love.…

Music was played…

And heck, what good party would not be complete without some pallet burning and fire jumping?

Good times were had, for sure. I really like what the Yuba peeps are up to in Sausalito.


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