Yeah or nay? Would you wear Spatterdashers?

I think it’s safe to say most of us can agree: getting wet sucks. Where I live in Portland, Oregon, a soggy spin is simply the reality of life for a large portion of the year. There are countless waterproof jackets on the market, but for some reason wearing rain pants is a form of sartorial suicide.


Enter Splatterdashers. Created by Andreas Eiken, they are waxed canvas chaps that cover your entire foot and extend up your leg onto your thighs. The idea is that they would encourage more folks to ride bicycles in the rain, and help alleviate one of the barriers to using cycling as practical transportation.

splatter-4 splatter-3

They aren’t for sale yet, but Eiken—a user experience and product designer from Vancouver, British Columbia—wants to hear your feedback on the idea and the design. What do you think? Would you wear Splatterdashers?


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