Win up to $550 toward a new Islabike

Islabike Beinn20S-Green-angleIslabikes designs high-quality, lightweight, child-specific bicycles. As a cyclist, you know how important it is to get your bike to fit properly, and how much easier a light bike is to ride than a heavy one. Islabikes combines years of cycle-design experience and practical cycling knowledge together to produce a range of exclusive bikes for children.

This week, we’re giving away an Islabike up to a value of $550. All you have to do is complete the brief survey below by 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, May 18.

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Islabikes’ 11 models feature child-specific frame geometry for ages 2 through 11 and up with a full set of proportional components, including brakes that can be operated safely with small hands. The bikes feature things like micro-reach brake levers, small-diameter handlebars, lightweight wheels and (on some models) fully enclosed chain guards.

Gear ratios are carefully selected to suit the age of the child. Each bike can be customized with tires that exactly suit the intended use; you can even install e a set of fenders and rear rack. Each bike can be used for mountain biking and cyclocross, for going to school, touring holidays, or days out exploring with the family.

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