Win a set of Knog Blinder MOB Mr Chips lights


Win a set of Knog Blinder MOB Mr Chips lights! The name comes from the “Chips On Board (COB)” LED tech this light uses to give off its superior glow. Perfect for all traffic scenarios or to soften the glare from your mate’s rear end in the peloton. With its 120-degree beam and reflective faceplate, Mr Chips makes sure you are seen not just from the front and rear, but from the side too.


These bright bike lights long runtimes and lumen output of 80 at the front and 44 at the rear ensures you are well seen. The lights feature interchangeable straps so you can easily swap these lights between bikes with different sized seatpost and handlebars, including aero seatposts and oversize bars. Valued at $84.98.

Complete the survey below by 11:59 p.m., August 31, to be entered to win. We will choose and notify a winner the following day. Some terms and conditions apply, but don’t they always? Open to U.S. residents, only. Sorry, but that’s not our choice.

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