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We are giving away a massive prize package from White Lightning stuffed with everything you need to keep your bike running smooth and looking like new. Simply complete the survey below by 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, April 27. We will choose and notify a winner the following day.


From lubricants to degreasers, your bike will be the smoothest, cleanest bike on the block. Not only will you get all of the┬ástandard maintenance products, you will also receive each of White Lightning’s “Johnnys.” Those covers are the perfect solution to clean storage and transportation of your ride. Whether you are keeping you bike in your living room or driving with it on your roof rack cross-country, the Johnnys have you covered. Here’s the list of what you can win:

  • 1x 8oz bottle of Clean Ride
  • 1x 8oz bottle of Wet Ride
  • 1x 8oz bottle of Epic Ride
  • 1x 23oz can of Clean Streak
  • 1x Trigger Chain Cleaner
  • 1x box of 36 Bamboo Cycle Wipes
  • 1x canister of Bamboo Cycle Wipes
  • 1x 19oz can of Matte Finisher
  • 1x 32oz bottle of Wash & Shine
  • 1x Bike Johnny
  • 1x Chain Johnny
  • 1x Leg Johnny
  • 1x Wheel Johnny
  • 1x Saddle Johnny

You also get White Lightning’s Matte Finisher, which is formulated specifically to remove road and trail grime, fingerprints, nutrition residue, oil splatters and rim glaze. Matte Finisher maintains deep matte colors and offers a streak-free finish that is safe for all surfaces. Thanks to clinging foam technology, Matte Finisher makes it easy to spot clean with precision and confidence. It┬ádelivers a streak-free, gloss-free finish, which helps matte finish bikes look showroom new, and is also safe for use on clear-coated bicycles.

Prize package MSRP: $286

If you can’t see the survey below, or are on a mobile device, click here to take the survey. Contest is only open to U.S. residents. Some other terms and conditions apply. but don’t they always? Good luck!
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