What’s new at Interbike: part three

Interbike’s indoor show is truly overwhelming; getting lost and being late and forgetting to eat are par for the course, as is the feeling that you can’t possibly cover everything. Here we bring you the most interesting things our editors saw from each day of the indoor show.



While the basic Brompton shape hasn’t changed, that doesn’t mean the brand isn’t continuously refining its products. New this year is a revised cockpit with a new handlebar shape with new shifters tucked underneath it.

The new handlebar shape makes space for the shifters, while also allowing room for full-size grips. Many riders want to equip their Brompton with off-the-shelf lock-on grips, and now they can. The shifters themselves are integrated into the brake levers, as is the bell.


Another new accessory is the USB powered taillight, developed in partnership with Cay Eye, that attaches to the specially designed port in the Brompton saddle. The saddles are now available in standard (147 mm) and wide (167 mm), too.

Pearl Izumi


I don’t know about you, but I’m over the super stiff, duck-walking cycling shoes of the past. Pearl Izumi must agree with me, because all of its shoes are designed for both cycling, and standing/walking comfort.

Shoes like the new X-Alp Elite have a super grippy sole, a stiff shank for pedaling and a super flexible toe box for comfort. The BOA closure system is ideal for getting a perfect fit dialed in and can adjust on the fly. This is the kind of shoe you can wear for road, touring, commuting or just cruising with your riding buddies.


The X-Alp Drift shoe is something you don’t think you need until you try it. The super ventilated, mesh upper sheds heat and water for those tropical, summer rides. Wear them without socks to get some of the cooling benefit of riding with SPD sandals without the beard and fanny pack required.

Tern Bicycles


We spotted these new, non-folding bikes in the Tern booth. The concept was to develop a series of smaller stature bikes for Asia built around 650c wheels, and they looked so good they are bringing them to the U.S. The smallest sizes go all the way down to 42 cm and top out at 54 cm. There are four models starting at just $500 too.



Schwinn is doing its best to shake the big box store reputation with new models available only at your local bike shop. The Sivica is a brand-new city cruiser available in either singlespeed or seven speed versions at less than $500. The best part is the candy colored rainbow of paint choices you get. The geometry is relaxed as you might expect, with a super slack seat tube that puts the rider in an almost reclining position.



Blackburn knows a thing or three about racks and touring, but now it’s bringing its #basketpacking game with the new Outpost basket. Built with many of the same adjustment features as the Outpost touring racks, it’s a great mid-step between a wire mesh basket and some of the super pricey versions on the market. It has a built-in U-lock holder and includes a mesh cargo net. Look for it to sell for $70.



We tested Ortlieb’s new bikepacking bags and featured our review in the current issue. Next up is the frame bag, which will be available in two sizes: 4 liters and 6 liters. It has all the same heavy-duty, waterproof construction you’d expect from Ortlieb’s classic, indestructible bags.



There’s also a new truck rack bag with a roll-top closure that uses a similar attachments system as the classic panniers. A series of four, adjustable feet grab onto any rack, and the system is opened with a “key” of sorts, that you can remove and take with you. It’s not theft-proof, but it prevents a quick grab-and-run.

Calfee Bikes


We’ve reported on these bamboo frame kits before, but they are super cool, so I cam going to talk about them again. This seems like a great winter project. For $200 you get a full materials kit (Bamboo, headtube, bottom bracket, dropouts, pre-preg fiberglass tape).

Obviously you’ll need tooling to get it all together, so you can rent a set from Calfee, It is free to rent, but you will need to leave a deposit of $600. Or just buy the materials and tooling for $800.

We hope to get one of these in for review. It seems like a perfect winter time project, and a good way to introduce my kids to building things that doesn’t involve welding torches and grinders.

Wheels Manufacturing



There seem to be a lot of tools at the show this year, including a few from Wheels Manufacturing. The bottom bracket tools are $22 a piece and come in sizes to fit all of the company’s extensive range of bottom brackets. The universal bottom bracket bearing press comes in home and shop versions for $35 or $75.

King Cage


These might be the most labor-intensive set of chopsticks ever made. I got the lowdown on the many steps it tool to weld and shape these things, I knew they weren’t ever going to be something King Cage would sell. Although who knows? Maybe Ti Chopsticks will be the next hot accessory to hang next to your Ti camping mug on your bikepacking rig.


Speaking of bikepacking, if your bike is in need of some more mounting points, these little doodads might be your huckleberry. A small threaded stud is welded onto a pipe clamp, and that clamp goes almost anywhere on a bike. Sold in 1 ½, 1 ¾ and 2 inch sizes for $6 each. Pipe clamps might not be the most pleasing thing to look at, but they are about a secure an attachment as you’ll find.



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