Wacky and wild bikes of Specialized

By Shannon Mominee

Now of course all bikes are fun, but there are some bikes that take fun to another level. At the Specialized product launch in Monterey, California, I saw these fun bikes sitting alone in a conference center, far away from the “normal” bikes that we have fun on. Is it because they’re too much fun for one rider to handle, too much muscle, too much western, too much mod? I’m not sure of the answer either, but I’m sure I could handle all the fun that would accompany riding any of these bikes around town, and what would be left over could be shared with others.

That could be Hemi powered if you were in the right mood, but cruising down the boulevard real smooth like is more in order.

Giddy Up! Notice the pistol bar plugs, leather stitching on the frame, horseshoe flat pedals, and bullhorn ornamenting the stem.

For the Mod in the house is a Vespa-ish looking leg-powered scooter. Roll it to the café, look real cool then wish that the seat could’ve been a little longer for giving a lady a ride.

If you have the itch to break the land speed record, you won’t even come close on the Race Boy, but it still would be awesome to tuck behind the windscreen.

Rolling this to summer time cookouts and football tailgate parties would be ridiculous and awesome. An oversight may have been a place to stick a cooler.

The carbon fiber tandem is the greeting piece that welcomes you into Specialized’s Morgan Hill office. In a word, this bike is sick. The fun that could be had on it would be boarder line terrifying if the right downhill was found, even more so if you were on the back. I wish they had allowed test rides of it. I can only imagine how it carves around a wide turn, or how it feels to pump the shaft driven front crankset with the assistance of a co-engine.

So, these are just some of the bikes that knock fun out of the park. I hope they get used and just aren’t show pieces.




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