Volagi shows off new prototype steel road bike

By Adam Newman

We reviewed Volagi’s first bike, the Liscio, in Bicycle Times Issue #16 and while we loved the concept, there were a few details that needed worked out. They must have been reading our minds, as they’ve unveiled an all-new bike at Sea Otter, the Viaje, with features that check many of my must-have boxes.

First off, it’s steel. There will be two tubing options, a Reynolds 853 and a 525 to hit two price points. The two versions will also have different components, eithher Campagnolo Chorus on the 853 model and SRAM Apex on the 525 version. Look for price points at $3,200 and $2,000 respectively. We were told frameset options will be available as well.

While it will have clearance for 32c knobby cyclocross tires, the geometery will be much more similar to their carbon road bike, with 425mm chainstays and a responsive feel. Ultimately the production version will have room for 42c tires, plus fender mounts and a proprietary carbon fork with tapered steerer. Rear spacing will be 135mm.

What also carries over from the carbon bike is the LongBow FlexStay, a unique shape that carries the seatstays past the seat tube and join the top tube further forward. On the steel version there is actually a cast lug that holds the pieces together and its brazed instead of welded.

Volagi described it as an “adventure bike” that is capable of gravel racing, randonneuring, light touring, or commuting. So far they are thinking about each of these color combos, the red/black and the cream/white. What do you prefer?

Volagi is expanding its wheel line as well, and we’re told they will soon be offering both aluminum and carbon-rimmed wheels with dynamo generator hubs soon for riders who want hassle-free lighting.




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