‘Velo’ looks deep into the mythology of the Tour de France

The 99th edition of Le Tour begins Saturday in Liege, Belguim, and the shimmering, spectral beauty and uncompromising brutality of the race passes through Bank Street Arts in Sheffield, U.K., this summer in the form of Vélo, an exhibition of photographs by artist Andrew Smith. The project is as much a celebration of the joys of cycling as it is an exploration of the mythology of road racing. Reframing fragments of Tour transmissions and exploring the mythology and unrealities of cycling (of riders ‘dragging their souls on a string’) Vélo opens on Saturday, June 30 at 6pm, shortly after the race prologue and runs for the duration of the Le Tour. 

Can’t make it to Sheffield? You can purchase a copy of the book, ‘Velo’, through Smith’s website. It’s available now in a limited editon of 60 autographed copies. 



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