#Trypod – 9 podcasts we think are worth listening to

Recently NPR came up with a social media campaign with the hashtag #trypod in an attempt to make people curious enough to give podcasts a try. We want to help combat “podcast unawareness” (even amongst our own staff!) so I asked the Bicycle Times team to send me their favorite podcasts. I hope this list inspires you to give one or two a listen.


Evan Gross – Events Coordinator
Stuff You Should Know
Hosted by Charles (Chuck) Bryant and Josh Clark. These guys create an educational podcast about common things and how they work with some humor and personality: How Porta-potties work, Frostbite, How to use a HAM radio, History of the Trail of Tears, Evil Knievel, and much more.

Scott Williams – Operations Manager
Mountain Bike Radio – Just Riding Along
An entertaining mix of MTB tech talk and general riding experiences with Andrea, Full Face Kenny, and Beanpole Matt.

Stephen Haynes – Art Director
Common Sense with Dan Carlin
Dan Carlin has had two long-running podcasts: Hardcore History and Common Sense. Common Sense is described on its website as a podcast that “…isn’t a show for everyone and that’s what makes it so great.” Stephen describes this podcast as a non-partisan alien look at current and political events.

Michael Cushionbury – Editor
The Forward
This podcast is hosted by Lance Armstrong and gives listeners the opportunity to hear in-depth conversations with interviewees like Neil deGrasse Tyson, Shep Gordon, Becky Hammon and more.

Helena Kotala – Web & Social Media Coordinator
A good mix of science and personal stories from people. I find it to be engaging and interesting, and I like that you walk away from each episode having learned something. The audio and sound bites are really well done as well, which makes it easy to listen to and keeps your attention.

Jordan Villella – Circulation and Merchandise Manager
No Meat Athlete
These guys talk about everything from training to daycare to protein shakes, all from the mindset of a vegan endurance athlete. Being a father, vegan and health nut, this is a perfect blend of all topics close to my heart. I want to know what the best new pea protein is! I also want to know how to get my workout in when my son is down for a nap. The interviews are great and they are very inclusive with all their content.

Ellen Butler – Account Manager
Cabral Concept with Stephen Cabral
The Cabral Concept is a short daily podcast with action steps and resources to help live a healthier and more vibrant life. Topics include health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, anti-aging and weight loss.

Trina Haynes – Associate Publisher
Science Vs.
This podcast tackles fads, trends, and some political arguments, and stack them up against science. Episodes have a wide range of topics: Acne, Immigration, Organic Food, the G-Spot and more.

Frank Wuerthele – Account Manager
BBC Radio 4 Soul Music
A music channel for those who love soul: Frank Valli, Billie Holiday, Judy Garland, Sinead O’Connor and more.

If you are not on the podcast train and have no idea how to find these things, it’s super easy.

For iOS go here for a quick how-to. This is a free app.

For Android go to Google Play Music go here for more info.

There are also several podcast apps: Pocket Casts, Overcast, Stitcher Radio (free) and I’m sure there are more. Enjoy your podcast adventuring! Also, check out our newest issue of Dirt Rag with four great Van Life stories to go along with your podcast playlist.

What are you listening to? Tell us in the comments!


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