TrekWorld 2011

trekworldTrekWorld is an annual event that Trek hosts for their dealers and sales reps. Over several days, inside of the Madison, WI convention center and at Trek HQ in nearby Waterloo, the company provides educational seminars, displays their complete lineup, and offers demo rides. I was among a group of journalists that Trek invited to the gig.

Trek, like many bicycle companies, chooses to not show their entire line-up at the annual industry trade show, opting instead for their own private dealer showing. Therefore, TrekWorld was my first chance to see all of Trek under one roof. I also had a chance to tour their factory in nearby Waterloo, WI. What follows are some of the highlights from my whirlwind adventure.

Trek President John Burke used part of his keynote address to challenge the massive crowd of dealers to support People for Bikes’ drive to collect one million signatures from cyclists who support a better future for bicycling. People for Bikes aims to use the signatures to show our legislators the massive grassroots support that exists for cycling, and to lobby for cycling-related infrastructure in the next round of Federal transportation legislation. You can click here to sign the online pledge of support. It only takes seconds.

keynote crowd

While I’m on the topic of advocacy, I should mention that Trek supports a number of cycling-related advocacy initiatives. For instance, Trek and US Trek dealers have teamed up to donate $1 from every helmet sale to the League of American Bicyclists’ Bicycle Friendly Community program. By the end of 2010, this will amount to well over $1 million in funding. You can read more about Trek’s advocacy activities at this link.

Seeing all of Trek’s women’s specific bikes displayed in one section of the exhibit hall made me realize just how serious the folks at Trek treat this product category. From pavement to mountain, casual to competitive, Trek offers women plenty of choices. Trek’s FX line of "fitness hybrid" is one of the hottest categories with women riders. The bikes blend of utility and comfort in a practical union. The top of the line 7.6 FX WSD features an IsoZone mono-stay rear that softens the ride. The top model also features IsoZone handlebar with integrated shock absorber, ergonomic grips, and a Flex Form saddle that moves slightly during pedaling.

The 7.6 FX WSD in badass black:

Trek FX 7.6 WSD

IsoZone Monostay:

IsoZone handlebar:
isozone handlebar

IsoZone ergo grips:isozone grips

Flex Form Saddle:flex form saddle

The Gary Fisher Collection’s Fisher’s "Dual Sport" line-up is an interesting category that blends road and mountain bike attributes into one product. At first glance the Dual Sport may look like a 29er hardtail, but a closer inspection reveals minimalilst knobby tires that are designed to roll fast on pavement, yet provide grip on gravel roads or dirt trails. The rider position is road-friendly, more upright than on a mountain bike. The entry-level Bodega (below) retails for around $450.

gary fisher bodega

Gary Fisher Collection Transport+ cargo bike with electric pedal assist. We hope to get one for Bicycle Times product review:
gary fisher transport plus

Trek Valencia+ electric assist commuter bike retails for around $2500:
Trek Valencia

Stylish Trek Belleville has 3 speeds, f/r racks, generator hub and retails for around $660:Trek Belleville

A WSD Belleville for the the ladies:Trek Belleville WSD

All of Trek’s soft goods now carry the Bontrager brand label: apparel, helmets, shoes, gloves and the like. The same goes for accessories and components such as tires, fenders, racks, lights and so on.Bontrager Eco panniers are made from 51% recycled materials, including inner tubes:

bontrager eco panniers

Bontrager Nebula fenders feature "interchange system" for easy installation and removal:
bontrager nebula fenders

Bontrager commuting apparel:
bontrager commuter apparel

bontrager commuter apparel women

For additional coverage of TrekWorld, including my factory tour, check out my Dirt Rag blog.


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