Trek Soho eval coming up in BT #6

I haven’t had the chance to read the article concerning the Trek Soho update in BT#6 (if its out)

but I’d like to point out that the bike picture you show looks way too clean for a Soho that’s actually been used. There will, would be a thin layer of brake grease around the roller brake area in impossible to get places even if he/she had been cleaning those regions.

Oops, I took a look at the original article and it mentioned he swapped out the original tires for kendas. ( That would explain the knobbies, my miss.)

As to the reviewers comments, there is no way he/she went through a winter with no tension changes on the belt unless he/she is on a different version of the Trek Soho than I purchased (or really really low mileage). While I really like the bike, to suggest that the gates belt tension is set and forget for commuters is not my experience. I found that temperature changes in excess of 20 degrees would result in noise issues due to tension changes. (In other words, the bike frame size would expand/contract sufficiently different from the belt drive on days where the outside temp change would change roughly 20 degrees. In addition, you would have to set the tension in a space that had roughly the same temp as the outside temp. (or fake it by under or over tensioning relative to outside)

The seat is stiff until mile 2000, then its great and compares well with fizik gobi and brooks b17 comfort. There is noise while pedaling in the drive train that is hard for professional mechanics to troubleshoot. The brakes are roller brakes with low maintenance, longer stopping distances that required additional grease in the first month. Some folks (bike forum) have found the brake rattle to be annoying so they “fixed” it or their bike shop fixed it. I put tape on the top bar where the bumpers end so the bumpers do not catch on my clothes. Changing tires and/or fixing flats arent a big deal once you done it once or twice as long as you have three tools.


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