Trek launches “Driven by Adventure” contest

Trek 520

Trek 520

To celebrate the unveiling of an all-new line of Touring & Adventure bikes, Trek announced today it will award six lucky consumers new bikes and an all-expenses-paid cycling adventure designed by the original American touring bike brand.

Through Trek’s “Driven by Adventure” contest, three pairs of consumers in the United States will win one of three all-expenses-paid week-long cycling adventures in Oregon, California, or Virginia. In addition to an unforgettable adventure, contest winners will be awarded with new bikes from Trek’s Touring & Adventure line matching the personality of the route they are to ride. Representatives from Trek’s videography and communications teams will accompany contest winners to document the adventures, which will take place in June, on social media and other outlets with the hashtag #drivenbyadventure.

Bontrager- Wandawega

Each of the three self-supported trips in the “Driven by Adventure” contest corresponds to a model in Trek’s new Touring & Adventure line, and each adventure is designed to showcase the capabilities of that particular model. The 520 adventure traces a coastal route in Oregon, where the steel 520’s competency as a fully-loaded, multi-day touring machine will shine; the 720 credit card-style adventure on the legendary scenic roads of northern California will highlight 720’s capabilities as a lightweight and super-fast tourer; and the 920 adventure through the rolling hills of Virginia will test the ruggedness of Trek’s multi-terrain adventure bike.

Trek 720

Trek 720

“We’re so excited to have the opportunity to send riders out on cycling adventures with these new bikes,” said David Studner, assistant product manager for the city bikes category. “Each bike was designed with a particular flavor of adventure riding in mind, and it will be really interesting to meet these riders and hear about the adventures and memories they create on them.”

Trek 920

Trek 920

Bicycle Times got an early look at the new bikes, and we have both a 720 and 920 models being ridden for long-term reviews now.

Here’s how the contest works:

First, choose a partner. Choose wisely. This should be someone with whom you know you’ll travel well, and someone with whom you’d like to share the challenges and rewards of an incredibly beautiful multi-day adventure ride.


Second, complete the application on the Trek website with your chosen partner. As you’ll see, the application is pretty involved. There are photographic, written, and video elements. Our contest judges want to get a full sense of who you are, so you must complete all sections of the application to be considered.

Third, submit the application and wait, with your fingers crossed, until winners are announced in April. If you win, Trek will send you and your partner on an all-expenses-paid trip and yes, you get to keep the bikes.


The trips vary in duration from three to six days and will take place during June (subject to the availability of the winners). Trek will be documenting the adventures via social media, and will be sending a film crew to document the rides.

“Adventure is about exploring and seeking out what you don’t already know, and developing these bikes was a very similar experience,” Studner said. “The kinds of riders who participate in adventure cycling today are pioneering new ways to explore by bicycle. We wanted to develop modern solutions to support their adventures reliably and efficiently.”


Touring has been a definitive part of Trek since the company was founded in 1976. The all-new Touring & Adventure line continues Trek’s established legacy as a pioneer in the category, and affirms the company’s commitment to the adventure lifestyle.

If you’d like to sample one of the new Trek Touring & Adventure bikes, join us at the first Bicycle Times Adventure Fest in October. Trek will be there with its demo truck full of awesome bikes to try on the beautiful back roads of Pennsylvania.


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