Tough & Tender Project announces winners


Swift Industries and Bicycle Times are proud to announce the winners of the 2013 Tough & Tender Project. This is the third annual Tough & Tender project, an essay and photo contest put on by Swift Industries. Some more background from Swift’s announcement:

Swift Industries’ Tough & Tender Project is an annual literary and photographic project to celebrate women’s experience of the bicycle, because women’s experience of cycling is not celebrated enough in bicycle communities.

The winning essays will be published in the next three issues of Bicycle Times, starting with Issue #26, which has already shipped to subscribers and newsstands. We will also be posting more of the excellent essays we received here on our website.

Click through to see the winners.

The Mount Rainier Award

Anna Goren, Seattle, WA

Prize: Roll Top Panniers with a backpack conversion

The Mount Adams Award

“My Bike Needs No Escort,” by Tovah Burstein, Chicago, IL

Prize: Mini Roll Top Panniers

The Mount Baker Award

“The Triumph of Joy,” by Rachel Stevens, Missoula, MT

Prize: Mini Roll Top Panniers

Congratulations, ladies!

New handlebar bag

In related news, Swift Industries announced today a new handlebar bag, the Paloma. The Swift Industries Paloma Handlebar Bag is designed for the Klickfix Handlebar Adapter, combining the function of a randonneur bag with the ease of a quick-release mounting system and the signature aesthetic Swift Industries fans have come to recognize and love.


The Paloma Handlebar Bag and Klickfix Handlebar Adapters is now on Swift Industries’ website, Weighing in at 1 pound, Swift Industries offers cyclists a light front bag in customized colors. The 6 liter capacity bag is lined with rip-stop X-Pac™ fabric, making it the perfect fit for bicycle tourists and everyday cyclists alike.




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