Tough days for cycling in NYC

NYC councilman wants to license bikes

Queens City Council Member Eric Ulrich has had it with rougue bicyclists clogging streets and causing accidents. He has proposed every cyclist register their bikes and carry an ID tag with them at all times when riding, the New York Post has reported.

In a bid to rein in rogue cyclists, all adult pedal pushers in the city will be required to get an ID tag affixed to their bikes if a city councilman has his way, The Post has learned.

Eric Ulrich (R-Queens) says he is floating the proposal — which would require a small fee — because “there seems to be a double standard when it comes to enforcing the traffic laws. Bicycles are involved in accidents, unfortunately, across this city.”

He added that many cyclists don’t have identification on them if they get into an accident because “they’re in Spandex or whatnot.”

The effect of this legislation would be a drastic reduction in cycling and steep fines for violators. Most cycling and pedestrian organizations have taken a firm stance against the proposal.

Now Transportation Alternatives has made it easy to send a fax to Ulrich through their web site. Please take a moment to send him your thoughts.

And read more about the upsides, and mostly downsides, to bicycle registration at Copenhagenize.

NYC Police crack down on law-breaking cyclists

In the first two weeks of 2011, New York City Police have ticketed more than 1,000 bicyclists for riding against traffic, on the sidewalk, running red lights and a host of other offenses.

As cycling grows in New York City, the police have been forced to enforce the traffic laws more strictly. One source told the New York Post that the crackdown was not a temporary action, rather a new police of the department.

Granted, bicycle traffic is not nearly at its peak in January, so we’ll see what kind of effect this has on riding once spring approaches.


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