This Just In: Saris Cycling Hottie bike stand


One of the less-than-awesome things about cycling is that storing bikes can be a pain, especially if you live in a house or apartment with limited space. Plus there’s a good chance you have a certain affinity for your bike, so it’s nice to have it somewhere you can see it.

Saris Cycling, the brand best-known for its trunk-mounted bike racks, is entering the indoor storage market with a line of new bike stands, including the $260 Hottie model pictured here. The idea is that Saris wanted to create a piece of high-end furniture, worthy of holding onto your prized possessions. It has a steel chassis and a modern, blonde wood face.


The arms are adjustable to hold bikes of various sizes and shapes, and there is an integrated accessories shelf for your sunglasses, bike lock or other paraphernalia. It can hold two bikes up to 35 pounds each, and while it is freestanding, it does include a small strap that you can affix to a wall stud to keep it from accidentally tipping over. Best of all, it’s made in Madison, Wisconsin, and comes with a lifetime warranty.


Now if you have a bike you really want to show off, well, the $275 Show Off rack is for you. A wall-mounted design, it cradles your bike with a cushioning cork handle and highlights it with an integrated LED light. The cradle even pivots to accommodate sloping top tubes to keep your bike level.


If you’d rather keep your bike on terra firma, check out the $45 Boss rack, which is a small, freestanding stand that can hold your bike upright wherever you’d like to park it.



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