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Gary Lenett has been designing and making jeans for the past 25 years, both under his own brands and for some of the best known names in the business: Levi Strauss, The Gap, Ralph Lauren, Guess Jeans and more. The Vancouver, British Columbia, resident found himself getting a bit bored with the fashion side of the business, having seen the same trends cycle four or five times over his career. We recently received a pair of his new jeans for active commuters, and picked his brain a bit to find out more.

“My interest over the last number of years has been fabric technology and I decided that I wanted to develop a new line of men’s jeans that was more purpose than trend driven. I am an active guy who ride a bicycle to work and wanted to develop jeans that would allow me to DO all that I DO in a day without changing my clothes (regardless of whether I had the most important meeting of the year and still wanted to ride my bike). Thus the development of the name DU/ER (a play on DOER).

“Our L2X jeans were over two years in the making, including the time to develop the fabric. Just like other technical apparel our design calendar is approximately two years out, which is only possible if your product is what I call “internally designed” and not trend driven.

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“We wanted to be better than the Levi’s Commuter jean straight out of the gate. More flex, better quick dry, more comfort while you are riding, especially for guys with bigger thighs. What we ended up doing was making a jean that’s good for more than just cycling.


“We launched on Kickstarter because wanted to make sure we had it right from the first product, and our first product had some unique characteristics like the crotch gusset, the super light weight and the radiation pocket. We wanted customers to tell us if we got it right, and Kickstarter is a great way to test those assumptions. We are really happy with almost doubling our goal of $25,000. We’ve got some excellent feedback and a bunch of very excited backers—err um—future customers.


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Look for our review of the DU/ER jeans online in the coming weeks.


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