This Just In: Brooks C15 Cambium Carved


brooks-c15-carved-3British saddle maker Brooks just introduced its Cambium C15 Carved model. Sharing the same narrower shape as the existing C15, this $230 saddle is designed with an ergonomic cut-out to provide relief from the discomfort experienced by some cyclists in the perineal area.

The Cambium Carved models feature the same hard-wearing vulcanized natural rubber and organic cotton top, die-cast aluminum structure, and tubular steel rails of the standard Cambium line. A distinct dampening effect is delivered by the classic Brooks “hammock” construction, reducing road vibrations and keeping the rider comfortably in the saddle.

According to Brooks, this unique combination multiplies the performance advantage over long distances, producing unparalleled comfort after mile 60, 100, 160, and beyond.



Length is 283 mm, width is 140 mm, height is 52 mm. Available in black with black rubber or slate with natural rubber, it weighs 395 grams.

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