This Just In: Bontrager Ion 700 headlight


Daylight hours are shrinking, but for many cyclists that doesn’t mean our miles have to follow suit. Finding a decent and affordable rechargeable headlight is getting easier, and the five-mode $99 Bontrager Ion 700 is one to consider.

The high-power Cree LED kicks out a full 700 Lumens, which Bontrager says will run bright for up to an hour and 45 minutes.

What’s Cree? It’s the company that first brought the blue LED to market in 1989, and today Cree’s XLamp LEDs exceed industry standards for brightness and efficiency. According to the company, Cree XLamp LEDs were the first ‘lighting-class’ LEDs – LEDS bright enough to be used in general-illumination applications, such as desk lamps, ceiling fixtures and street lights.

In addition, Cree’s extensive line of high-brightness LEDs are also introducing new performance levels to outdoor video displays and decorative lighting. Seems like Bontrager did some proper vetting when deciding on LED technology.


Five modes

If you don’t want oncoming traffic to flash their high beams, bump it down to 450 Lumens for three hours of runtime, or 200 Lumens for six hours, 45 minutes. There’s also a 50 Lumen flash mode and an ‘irregular strobe’ that comes in handy for daytime use. Dual amber ‘windows’ bookend the face of the headlight, which is primarily made of metal, not plastic. A full micro USB recharge takes up to five hours.


A clever rubber bracket provides 20 degrees of adjustability, and fits handlebars from 22.2 to 31.8mm in diameter.

Check out this short YouTube video to get a feel for what the Ion 700 can do in real-world conditions:

Visit for more information on this and other commuting products from the mad scientists in Waterloo, Wisconsin.



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