This Just In: Blackburn Central rechargeable USB lights


A good set of lights is one of the simplest ways to promote your safety on the road. Being seen—and seeing where you’re going—is pretty much the most essential functions of urban cycling. Blackburn Designs continues to expand its lighting options with a new set of USB rechargeable “blinky” lights that pack a lot of technology into a small package.

The Central lights ($34.99 each, sold separately) are small, versatile lights with a micro-USB charging port and LEDs for long battery life and high visibility.


The Central 100 front has three LEDs and can pump out 100 lumens on high with an estimated 3.2 hours of battery. On low it still shows 50 lumens for seven hours. There is also a strobe mode with an expected 21 hours of run time.


Operation couldn’t be simpler, just push it right in the center to turn it on and cycle through the modes. Hidden in the front is also a small LED battery life indicator.


The Central 20 rear light follows suit with 20 lumens of light through two LEDs (no need to blind anyone driving behind you). It has a high steady mode, a slow blink and a “Blackburn Flash” mode with 25, 42 or 76 hours of runtime, respectively.


Both lights feature a simple clip style mount and a rubbery strap for mounting to handlebars and seatposts. One small drawback with the mount is that the rear light can’t be angled to accommodate the angle of the seatpost (or wherever else it’s mounted) so it will point up or down depending on where you attach it to your bike.

The Central lights are priced competitively with similarly bright battery powered lights in the market, but should quickly start saving you money on batteries.



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