This Just In: 45North Sturmfist Cold Weather Gloves

Just in time for the first Polar Vortex of the season, cold-weather specialists 45North has new gloves to keep your hands warm this winter. For those of us that keep riding into sub-freezing temps, cold feet and hands can turn an otherwise enjoyable ride into a sufferfest. And the only thing that may be as bad or worse frozen fingers and toes? The pain when they thaw out.

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Sturmfist 5

45North has your feet covered with the Wolvhammer boots (which we reviewed last year), and hands too, with the Cobrafist extreme cold weather pogies, but the Sturmfist 4 and 5 are the first glove offering from 45North. While new gloves aren’t often news we’d find the need to cover, 45North is based in Minnesota where it gets truly cold, and 45North only does cold weather gear for cyclists, so new gloves are a big deal.

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Sturmfist 4

From the press release:

“The Sturmfist collection will be available in two different models. The five-fingered Sturmfist 5 incorporates a 100% Merino wool liner for total moisture control and keeps hands protected in 15–35ºF conditions.

For days when the mercury plunges below 15°, there’s the four-fingered Sturmfist 4. Utilizing a double glove design, Sturmfist 4 features a removable 100% Merino wool liner glove, and is rated for more frigid, 0–15ºF days. The Merino wool liner is also available separately to be used as a replacement for mid-ride freshness, or with 45North’s Cobrafist pogies.

For the ultimate blend of wool and insulation technology, Sturmfist 4, Sturmfist 5, and the Merino Wool Liner will be arriving at retailers next week for $130, $100, and $50, respectively. All pieces in the collection will be available in sizes 7, 8, 9, and 10.”

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Merino Liners

The most interesting aspect of these gloves is the use of Aerogel in the palms and fingers. Aerogel claims to have the lowest thermal conductivity of any solid. This is the same material used for the insoles of the Wolvhammer boots to insulate the bottom of the foot from the metal cleat. In this case the Aerogel will help keep hands from losing heat to metal handlebars, shifters and brake levers.

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With more features including conductive patches on thumbs and first two fingers, Polartec Alpha insulation and Polartec waterproof  and windproof Neoshell outers, there are not corners being cut here. Since 45North is one of the many brands that falls on the the umbrella of Quality Bicycle Products, most local bike shops should be able to order some Strumfist as this is post. I wouldn’t wait around if you are interested, it seems that cold weather gear is always, always, always sold through much sooner than anyone expects.

By the time this is posted, the odds are good 45North will have full details on its website:



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