The End is Near: Insects, Summertime, and a Bike

Although I enjoy the sound of crickets rubbing their wings together and the trailing off sound of a cicada, hearing and seeing those insects always reminded me as a kid that summer was near over and school was about to begin. Leaves littering the ground still make my stomach sink and these days instead of wondering if I’ll be in the same classroom as my friends, I think about the advancing colder temperatures and cheap flights south.

weathered frog

When a bicycle review is coming to an end too, I like to take the bike for one last farewell ride. I don’t know why, maybe because of the time spent riding in solitude or afternoons with friends spinning away the miles, but I always feel like I owe it to the bike to take one last ride. Yesterday was the Masi Speciale Randonneur’s turn for a departing tour around the city of Pittsburgh. 

Masi Speciale Randonneur

A cooling breeze coming off the Monongahela River set the backdrop for a quick photo on the Hot Metal Pedestrian Bridge, and while my girlfriend attempted to dig a gnat out of her eye I snapped another crossing the historic Smithfield Street Bridge.

Masi Speciale Randonneur

So this time around not only did the Randonneur receive a bon voyage (where do these test bikes go anyway?), but it’s also marking the passage of the warm season. The full review of the Randonneur will be in Bicycle Times issue 4, which ships to subscribers on October 27th and hits the newsstand shortly thereafter. Keep your eyes open for the magazine.

Until the warm days come back for an extended amount of time, I’ve found one way to stretch my summer by a week and see the latest and greatest of the cycling industry. Interbike! It’s less than a week away and I’ll soon be boarding a plane for the heat of Las Vegas and the trail and road riding of Bootleg Canyon and Boulder City. Aahhh. Dust. -Shannon Mominee



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