In for test: Yuba E-Mundo electric assist

By Maurice Tierney

The folks at Yuba are now on version four of their Mundo longbike. V3 was reviewed in Bicycle Times #7 and the new version features some improvements while still retailing for a mere $1,099. A working class price for a working bike, yessir.

We’ve got the electric version of the Mundo in for test currently. It retails for $2,597. An electric bike? Whodathunk? Having always been an “enthusiast”, “mountain biker” and then later in life a “cyclist” I was skeptical. Would I lose my “Purity” as a cyclist? Let’s see…


That I could bust a move quickly into the flow of traffic even with nearly 500 pounds of mass on board. As any dedicated cyclist will tell you, riding at the same speed as traffic is a hell of a lot safer than being a slow moving vehicle in a fast moving world.

That I can get somewhere in a hurry if need be, at a speed of up to 22mph. This makes it generally easier to choose the bike when in a time crunch.

That I could pick up my “Significant Other” after work and give her a luxurious ride to our evenings activities without breaking a sweat. The Mundo does fit riders from 5” to 6’ 5”.

I could be an aggressive, enthusiastic mountain biker or (Heaven Forbid) road racer and not worry about having the energy to ride for utility on “Rest days”.

Interesting. As we have reported in the past, the Yuba Mundo offers one of the most solid long/cargo bike options out there with its well-buttressed Hi-tensile steel frame, high payload capacity, and affordability.

Standard features include a Sram 3×7 (21 speed) drivetrain, stout 48 spoke double-wall-rimmed wheels, a rear disk brake, and fenders. Accessories on my test machine include the Go Getter waterproof bag for easy grocery hauling, as well as a Soft Spot seat cushion, Hold On handlebars, and Running Boards for my passenger. Must-have is the beefy center stand that makes parking a breeze.

The electric system is by eZee. It’s 400 watt brushless motor will take you 12-20 miles with its 10 ah battery. I have yet to run out of power climbing some of the steepest hills in the San Francisco area. Yes, I did have to pedal. I ain’t no poser, I’m a rider, just trying to get my load around town in the most efficient, car-free way possible. The Yuba Mundo does the trick.

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To see our full review, check out Bicycle Times issue #15, which goes on sale January 31.





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