Take Clif Bar’s 2 Mile Challenge, earn money for bike advocacy

CLIF Bar has kicked off its sixth annual 2 Mile Challenge, partnering with cyclists to donate $100,000 to bike advocacy nonprofits when riders choose to pedal their bikes instead of drive cars for trips two miles or less. To help fight climate change, CLIF Bar is urging people to rethink their daily transportation and discover the fun and freedom of the bike.

This year, every bike trip logged by participants in the 2 Mile Challenge is worth $1 for a regional bike advocacy nonprofit, up to a pre-determined monthly dollar cap. CLIF Bar will select a new nonprofit each month to benefit from rider miles. All told, the nationwide campaign will donate $100,000 to grassroots bike organizations throughout 2012.

In May, the 2 Mile Challenge donated $6,590 to BikeWalkKC, the unified voice for active living in Kansas City. The Los Angeles County Bike Coalition will benefit from the 2 Mile Challenge in June. Other bike advocacy beneficiaries will be chosen as the year progresses.

Through an interactive website, 2milechallenge.com, and a user-friendly iPhone App, BioLogic’s Bike Brain, it’s easy to sign-up, log miles and in turn, contribute directly to the regional charities.

Born on a bike in 1990, CLIF Bar has a long-standing commitment to the bike community. Bikes provide access to adventure and are vehicles for positive change across the country. The 2 Mile Challenge is a simple way to encourage people to get on the bike, share their passion with other riders and help spark a cycling movement in hopes of supporting bike friendly communities of the future.

Last year’s 2 Mile Challenge participants helped give away $100,000 for bike advocacy and climate change organizations, while avoiding more than 65,000 car trips covering almost 470,000 miles during the program’s six-month team competition. In choosing bikes over cars, participants prevented 433,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. Since 2009, CLIF Bar has donated over $350,000 to support bike advocacy organizations nationwide.


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