Path Less Pedaled x Bicycle Times: Converting a 700c Bike to 650b

Ed. Note: Path Less Pedaled x Bicycle Times is a video series by Russ Roca and Laura Crawford of The Path Less Pedaled. Check out more of this collaborative content here

In this installment of The Path Less Pedaled, Russ starts a project he’s been meaning to do for a long time—convert a 700c Salsa Vaya to a 650b. There are plenty of new bikes on the market that are meant to run a variety of different tire sizes, but what happens if you try to convert a bike that’s not explicitly designed for swapping between sizes?

Watch the video to learn the advantages of 650b vs 700c sizing, and to see if his conversion works!

Ed. Note: This conversion is not endorsed by Salsa Cycles. Experiment at your own risk. 

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