Video: The Zenga Bros. Tall Bike Tour

The Zenga brothers are six young men who were instilled with the passion for free expression at a young age. Their community art projects and installations eschew the bounds of traditional art and become part of a lifestyle and a culture. Plus they build some kickass tall bikes.

Premiering at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival, “Tall Bike Tour: Part 1 – Visions and Dreams,” introduces Zenga Bros upcoming documentary in which they bring their eccentric brand of creativity to the streets while traveling and living on tall bikes.


Video: Specialized Adventure Dispatch x Ty Hathaway


Remember cycling as a kid? Before we were all caught up in getting to work on time, tracking our mileage or worrying about nutrition? Or really anything at all?

It’s great to see the culture of cycling shifting back towards the unstructured fun of unknown destinations and free expression. Specialized is getting on board with its Adventure Dispatch series that blurs the line between cycling and non-cycling. It’s all a part of your life, so why worry about categorizing it?

The promise of adventure is all around us. Whether you live in Los Angeles or the Himalayas, opportunities to get outside present themselves to anyone with the right pair of eyes. For Ty Hathaway, this opportunity takes the form of the Angeles National Forest. Follow along as he shows you the City of Angeles that you won’t find in any guidebook.



Film trailer: ‘Megamoon’

Hannah Maia is a filmmaker and adventurer, no naturally when she and her partner Patrick embarked on a very special adventure together—marriage and a honeymoon—she captured all the fun and adventure. Now she has chronicled the journey along the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route in a short film called Megamoon.

You can see the complete film when it debuts on Thursday, July 9, as well as more photos, diaries and videos from the journey at Hannah’s website, Maia Media.



Film: ‘The Philadelphia (Bike) Story’

Philadelphia isn’t widely known as a “bicycle town,” and it can’t boast the kind of bicycle-friendly infrastructure that is popping up in larger cities like New York or Los Angeles. But according to Census figures it also has the highest percentage of bike use of any large U.S. city. So why is that? This short film from Streetfilms takes a look:


13th annual Filmed By Bike Festival rolls this weekend

Now entering its teenaged years, the annual Filmed By Bike Festival has been a showcasing the work of filmmakers who celebrate the bicycle lifestyle each spring in Portland, Oregon. The works range from slick productions to intriguing and heartfelt shorts, but each one is a testament to its creator’s love of cycling.

I was honored to be asked to join the jury for this year’s festival, and got a sneak peek at some of the works that will be featured this weekend at the historic Hollywood Theatre. There’s more than just movies though: New Belgium is hosting a street party at Velo Cult, there is a panel discussion of women in racing, and this being Portland, there’s a brewery bike tour too.

More than just a local event, 60 percent of the films chosen this year are international, and the festival will go on the road for screenings around the country this summer. Filmed by Bike benefits NW Documentary, a non-profit organization that helps people tell their stories through film.

As a festival, we’ll never preach to people and tell them to ride a bike, that it’s the right thing to do, blah blah blah. But there’s no way in hell someone’s going to leave that theater without being at least a LITTLE bit inspired to ride bike. And if I can do my part to get more people on bikes, I can die a happy person.

—Ayleen Crotty, Festival Director

Buy your tickets in advance here and take a peek at what you’ll see in this trailer:


Trailer: ‘Crisp’ – A story of survival on the Iditarod trail


It might be the middle of summer but maybe that’s why “Crisp” looks so appealing—a documentary of the 1,100 miles from Knik Lake to Nome, Alaska, along the Iditarod Trail. Ausilia Vistarini and Sebastiano Favaro did it with only their courage and their bikes. Theirs are not just physical feats, but mental conquests.

Watch it here.


Video: Bicycles as music

Composer Johnnyrandom breaks new ground with musical compositions made exclusively from everyday objects. His debut single, “Bespoken”, explores the full potential of sounds generated from bicycles and their components, transcending the role of traditional instrumentation as the accepted method for creating beautiful and thought-provoking music. The following video gives a glimpse into the creative process behind this unique composition.


Have thick skin? Take the Icy Bike Winter Commuter Challenge

Icy Bike Winter Commuting Challenge is not designed to be a competition, more a challenge to those willing to put on some gloves and shoe covers, get out there to show what you’re made of and keep the pedals turning through the winter. Bicycle commute to work 52 times between October 1 and March 31 and not only will you’ve earned badass status, you can attend the Icy Bike Gala. Join the Facebook group to track your progress.

ChainRing Films has even made a short film about the experience, A Winter of Cyclists. Watch the trailer here.

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