Review: Torch T2 helmet

By Adam Newman 

Initially launched on a crowdfunding site, the Torch was an immediate hit with investors and is now has been in full production for about a year or so. Available in eight colors, it has a fairly typical in-mold construction and meets the usual CPSC and CE safety standards. It’s only available in one size, though there are two sets of pads included, and the dial retention system can adjust through a pretty wide range, from a claimed 54 to 61 cm.

The Torch has two separate lighting systems front and back, with their own batteries, on/off switches and charge ports. The helmet comes with a special Y cable that charges them both from a USB source. The connection is a proprietary, waterproof port, so keep that cord close at hand, a standard micro USB won’t work. I haven’t verified the claimed six hours of runtime on steady with a stopwatch, but I’ve been topping off the helmet about once a week and haven’t had it run dead. Torch said that the battery should be good for 500 cycles and that if there’s an issue within two years of the sale they will take care of it.


Once you’re wearing the Torch it’s pretty easy to forget you’re wearing anything special. It weighs about as much as many other full-coverage commuter helmets (360 grams), and the retention system fits me both with and without a hat on underneath. The shatterproof LED covers give the lights a soft glow, and the switches protrude a bit so you can feel them with your fingers, though it can be difficult to tell if the lights are on or not while you’re wearing it unless it is very dark. While it’s nice to be able to operate the lights independently, I can’t think of a reason why I would ever want to do so.

Overall I’ve been really impressed with the Torch T2 and its subdued style and practical safety.

Price: $110

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