Beeline Bikes bringing mobile bike shops to more cities

Everyone is busy these days, and making time to get a bike tuned up isn’t easy. Often, having your bike serviced first requires you find a shop that will work on your particular model, and then having to leave the bike for days or weeks while it’s waiting for its turn. The Beeline model instead brings the bike shop to wherever you are, saving you time and hassle.

Each Beeline Bikes truck is a fully-equipped bike shop on wheels that can deliver service, parts and even brand-new bikes wherever you need them. You make an appointment online or over the phone, and they come to meet you. They take care of anything from fixing a flat tire ($9.99) to a full service tune-up ($79.99). The minimum service charge is $29.99. More advanced needs may require a Pro Service, whereby they pick up your bike and return it 2-3 days later.

The Beeline trucks also stock all kinds of parts and accessories, so if you want to add new grips or switch out your saddle, they can do that too. If you have multiple bikes that need service Beeline can cover them all in one convenient house call.

The service also partners with leading bike-friendly employers in the San Francisco area to provide on-site bike shop services at work.

Based out of San Carlos, California, Beeline Bikes was founded by Pete Buhl, a longtime cyclist and Silicon Valley veteran who has worked in technology and operations, and Andy Jeffrey, who has experience with inventory and supply chain management. While it still maintains a brick-and-mortar store in San Carlos, in the past two years Beeline has grown to include six mobile bike repair shops in the Bay Area supporting more than 100 companies.

Now the company is expanding into other markets through franchising. Instead of being owned by a central office, each Beeline repair service is its own independent franchise. This means the mechanics have more control over their hours, scheduling and overhead. Right now Beeline is considering opening operations in Portland, Los Angeles, Denver and other cities, but anyone interested in potentially becoming a franchisee can learn more at the Beeline Bikes website.


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