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Sugoi Zap night

Sugoi means “terrific” in Japanese. I would agree that their Zap Collection line is pretty terrific. The entire clothing line has reflective fibers sewn into it and the results are illuminating (pun intended).

Sugoi Zap night

The Women’s Sugoi Zap Waterproof Jacket is a fully reflective garment. If you look close up, you see little dots all over it. Each of these dots is a reflective material. So in low-light conditions, when a vehicle’s headlights are pointed in your general direction, you become a lightbulb. There were a few moments when it seemed to startle people as they were rolling up closer to me – a  “wth?!” look came across their faces as a big smile was on my own. It, of course, doesn’t stop those who can’t seem to not stare at their crotches when they drive (ahem, put down your phone!), but if you are looking you can’t miss me in this jacket.

sugoi rain (1 of 1)-3

sugoi rain (1 of 1)-2

The Zap Bike Jacket has a PU coated waterproof fabric and proved its ability in a few deluges. The front zipper has taped seams so nothing is getting in there. The only thing on the wishlist for this jacket would be a hood. But this jacket is designed for performance and when you are out pushing yourself miles and sweating up a storm, I would agree a hood is too hot.

sugoi rain (1 of 1)

Speaking of hot, there are side zippers for venting. These are full open vents; what I mean by that is you unzip it and there is a nice opening for air to get in. Each vent has a cover flap to prevent rain from entering. The Zap Jacket also has a small rear zip pocket, big enough for keys, a wallet and snack bar.

Conclusion: Would I wear this jacket for a fashion show, no. Would I wear it on a day-to-day basis without a hood, no. Would I wear this jacket in low-light riding conditions, definitely!

Women’s Zap waterproof Jacket cost: $160

Sugoi offers a plethora of Zap products for women and men you can check more out here


Brompton Unveils Exclusive NYC Edition Bike in Collaboration with VESPERTINE NYC

Brompton, the iconic folding bike manufacturer, unveiled its New York City Edition today, in collaboration with Sarah Canner from VESPERTINE NYC. This limited edition bike is designed around urban performance and visibility.


Brompton teamed up with VESPERTINE NYC, a company that designs and manufactures high-fashion reflective wear, to create 1500 folding bikes branded with reflective graphics and accents. Additional features of the NYC Edition include lime green details, anodized cranks and hub, accented Ergon grips on a flat bar, and a low profile saddle. Each bike also comes with a USB-rechargeable rear light.

“Brompton is thrilled to bring a bike that embodies the excitement of one of the most iconic cities in the world,” said Katharine Horsman, General Manager, Brompton Bicycle North America. “Combining elements from VESPERTINE NYC’s Haute Réflecture® collection allowed us to embrace and combine safety and urban performance, resulting in a bike that will turn heads and look brilliant.”


In addition to the bike, the collection includes accessories such as a waterproof roll-top bag, a merino wool scarf and hat, and shoe laces, all incorporating reflective patterns and designed with cyclists in mind. The knitwear offers warmth, comfort, and visibility from up to 2,000 feet away, combining function with fashion that just might save your life.

“It’s been exciting to work with Brompton on this unique design for their New York City Edition folding bike,” said Sarah Canner, founder and designer of VESPERTINE NYC. “Being able to combine functional fashion and safety wear allowed me to inspire, empower, and protect people on their daily adventures in the concrete jungle. New York City is known as a style leader and this partnership will now ensure that urban cycling is as stylish.”



Check out the Brompton and VESPERTINE websites for more info.


Field Tested: Sugoi Zap reflective jacket

bt-fieldtestedThere is a coming revolution in cycling apparel, not just in high-visibility colors (which are oh-so-hot right now) but in reflective garments. The technical capabilities to print on or impregnate materials with reflective details has taken huge leaps in the last few years, and it’s leading to better products and safer cycling.

A lot of companies tout their jackets, bags, hats or shoes with reflective stitching or other “hits,” but few can come close to the new Zap jacket from Sugoi, which has thousands of micro glass beads inserted into the shell to make the entire jacket pop under light. This Pixel fabric has every inch of it covered with small, reflective dots that look like any sort of printed pattern during the day, but glow intensely under a streetlight or when reflecting a car’s headlights.

sugoi-zap-jacket-1 sugoi-zap-jacket-2

The Zap is built around Sugoi’s semi-fit, which is athletic enough for riding but certainly not a race fit. I found my normal size was plenty roomy enough to wear over a bulky sweater for commuting—the perfect application for a reflective jacket. I was impressed with its water protection abilities as well, and the drop tail is unusually long to keep your rear dry.


This photo was taken with a camera flash during the day. You can see how bright the reflective fabric is.


While it may seem like a simple jacket, the reflectivity has made it absolutely my favorite lightweight wind and rain shell. I feel safer riding in the city knowing that I’m glowing like a light bulb, while I can still feel comfortable walking into a coffee shop without looking like I just stepped out the movie Tron.

Sugoi has launched a whole line of Zap products, including gloves, hats, booties, knickers and other accessories. The Zap jacket is available in both men’s and women’s versions too. The men’s version we tested comes in red, black or high-vis yellow for $150.



Check out the Zap jacket in action here:

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