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Bicycle_Times_Velocio_Light_Long_Sleeve_Wind_Vest_WEB (2 of 8)

Bicycle_Times_Velocio_Light_Long_Sleeve_Wind_Vest_WEB (2 of 8)

Velocio launched in February of 2014 with a women’s performance cycling line. The apparel is the creative venture of Kristy Scrymgeour, owner of Team Specialized-lululemon, and designer Brad Sheehan and the result isn’t your average women’s bike clothing. Bold colors, clean lines and minimal patterns were the focus of the 2014 and 2015 line. They’ve since moved into making men’s clothing, inspired by the women’s collection. While Velocio is no longer a women’s exclusive brand they continue to—admirably—place women at the forefront of their identity, a rarity in the cycling world.

We watched and worked and created what we felt was missing: a women’s-centric collection developed from the ground up for women, a brand that is in no way an adaptation of a men’s line.

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Light Long Sleeve Jersey – $179

The Velocio Light Long Sleeve Jersey is perfect for spring or fall. Italian made, this full-zip jersey doesn’t feel like my other cycling jerseys. It’s super soft against skin, beautifully constructed and easy to move in. Velocio’s clothing is designed to be form-fitting and I was happy with the comfortably snug fit of the small. It’s made in the traditional 3-pocket style with an additional water-resistant zipper pocket on the rear center. Bright color blocks on the cuffs and collar and tasteful reflective detailing make this item fashionable performance wear.

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Since the jersey is polyester, regular washing is a must. Fortunately, the fabric doesn’t seem to hang on to smells. Although Velocio recommends drying flat, I have inadvertently dried the jersey and vest, multiple times on low, without any issue.

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Wind Vest – $179

I feel a wind vest is essential for maximizing comfort on tweener days—a jacket’s too warm but you need something to keep the wind off your chest—and I’ve been very pleased with Velocio’s offering. It’s lightweight and packs small, making the vest a great item to throw in your jersey pocket or hydration pack for windy days and cool temps. The windproof front and side panels reflect the elements while the mesh back provides ventilation. It mimics the jersey, featuring three back pockets, color block accents and reflective details.

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The vest is also designed with a tailored fit and fits great over the jersey. However, I was hoping to wear it over layers and looser fitting garments, but the armholes and figure-hugging design aren’t very forgiving in this regard. Velocio recognized this and scaled up their vests for 2015 to account for layers.

On a windy day, in the low to mid-50s, I wore both the jersey and wind vest. I’ve found the combo to be well-suited to evening mountain bike rides, as well. As my body temp started to rise I packed away the vest. Without the vest, the mesh side panels from the jersey’s armpits to waist allow the fabric to breathe.

The shoulder seasons can be difficult to dress for, but the Velocio Light Long Sleeve/Wind Vest combo make a great pair for these days of swinging temps. I’ll be wearing this versatile duo for many spring and fall rides to come.

Velocio has a 30-day guarantee. During that period you can ride in the product as much as you like to see if it’s right for you.

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