New: Gevenalle’s drop-bar shifting for mountain drivetrains

Gevenalle, a Portland-based company, began with a focus on cyclocross but has expended to offer drop-bar shifting solutions for both road and mountain bike drivetrains, including drop-bar friction shifting.

Gevenalle expanded its offerings with a new 1x version of the GX shifter—the GX1, compatible with 10- and 11-speed systems. The GX1 is designed specifically for those running a single chainring, and is compatible only with short pull brakes.

gevanelle 1x11

Both the GX1 and GX2 work with Shimano Dyna-Sys mountain bike components, offering drop bar shifting and braking with mountain bike gearing. With the release of 11 Speed Dyna-Sys and increased customer demand, the GX1 now gives the option to shave weight while maintaining a large selection of gearing for the ride. Price $169-$219.

Gevenalle also launched the UX1 shifters, compatible with Shimano’s Alfine SG-S501 8sp internal hub. Shimano only makes shifters for flat bars for this hub. Based around Gevenalle’s proven cyclocross platform, UX1 shifters are short pull only while the UX2 offers both long or short cable pull. Price: $169-$229.

All Gevenalle shifters come with a no questions asked crash/rebuild policy, getting you back on the road for only $34.00.

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New products from Paul, Brooks and Blackburn

It’s a quiet time of year for the bicycle industry, in general, but a few smaller companies are sneaking out some product upgrades and new additions to their lines. Check out some of these items that recently came across our radar.

Paul Components

Funky Monkey Cable Hanger

Paul Funky Monkey

The Funky Monkey is a simple, hanging housing stop for center pull and cantilever brakes. The front comes in a 1 1/8” and 1” sizes, the rear is 27.2mm and is meant for mounting on a seatpost. The front arm sticks out far enough to clear most headsets. The rear arm is hinged to self-align for the proper cable angle. Both have a barrel adjuster to make brake cable adjustments quick and painless.

Price: $49 (each)
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Thumbies Shifter Adapters

Paul Thumbies

Miss thumb shifters? Converting a drop bar bike to flat bars? These easily transform bar end (aka barcon or TT) shifters into thumb shifters. Thumbies have a hinged clamp for an easy installation and fit handlebars with a diameter of 22.2mm or 31.8mm and are rasied enough to allow clearance for disk brake levers. Currently only compatible with Shimano.

Price: $74 (pair); $39 (right or left)
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BROOKS England Metropolitan Collection

Rivington Rucksack


Rivington Rucksack Brooks full

The Rivington is a deep rucksack with considerable carrying capacity, made from water-resistant organic cotton textile. It features an extended roll-top closure in an accent colored fabric. Two outer pockets are found on the front of the bag, the uppermost with a zip closure, the lower with a protective flap. On the back, there is a concealed 15-inch laptop pocket with a long vertical zip closure, revealing the yellow quilted lining. The adjustable shoulder straps feature a chest strap for maximum stability.

Price: 295 Euros
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Mott Large Weekender Holdall


A stylish and voluminous bag made from treated organic cotton textile with two riveted carry straps made in vulcanized rubber. The inside is finished with a quilted lining in contrasting yellow tone for easy visibility of its contents. With one external zippered pocket, and a detachable shoulder strap which may be adjusted for length.

Price: 370 Euros
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Outpost Frame Bag


This frame bag includes adjustable mounting systems and Velcro straps that can be fastened to multiple lash points to allow it to fit to all bikes. The water-resistant pack features an expandable bottom compartment, water bladder tube port and multiple exterior pockets. It weighs in at 402 grams (less than a pound).

Price: $60 (medium); $65 (large)
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