New Gevenalle GX shifters work with Shimano ‘clutch’ derailleurs


We’ve been impressed with the simplicity and reliability of Gevenalle’s unique shifters (even back when they were known as Retroshift), and its latest product continues to expand their versatility.

The new GX Shifters are specifically designed for the gravel racing and adventure market, with the ability to work with Shimano Dyna-Sys Shadow Plus mountain bike rear derailleurs. The “clutch” mechanism in these latest 10-speed derailleurs provide extra chain tension, keeping your drivetrain quiet and improving performance with single-chainring setups. Gevenalle says they are the only drop-bar shifters on the market that integrate with Shadow Plus derailleurs, though they will also work with any other 10-speed Shimano mountain bike derailleur.


The shifting starts with a customized Microshift shifter that is set on a new platform. The rear shifter is indexed while the front shifter works with both double and triple chainrings. It can also be removed for single-ring drivetrains.

The brake lever is compatible with nearly any type of cable-actuated brake: rim, linear pull, disc, etc. It can be adjusted to either a short or long-pull actuation to match the desired application. The brake cable exit angle has also been dropped 10 degrees from previous designs for a lower profile to the housing.


The GX shifters are sold as a pair for $219. They come with Gevenalle’s no-questions-asked crash replacement policy that covers a complete rebuild from any condition for just $34. Though the pieces are shipped from overseas, each one of the shifters is machined, anondized, laser-etched, and assembled in Portland, Oregon.


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