Field Tested: Crashtag medical and emergency I.D.


There are a few ways to carry proper identification while riding, but none are as clever or interesting as Crashtag, a new laser-engraved, American-made titanium ‘dog tag’ customized with your personal data that also doubles as a bottle opener. All this for just about $35.

This modern interpretation of a military dog tag uses a 21-inch nylon lanyard that connects with two small magnets (other options include a standard military ball chain or six-inch cable). You’re given 159 characters (19 more than Twitter!) to include virtually anything you’d like (I chose a standard mix of name, birthdate, In Case of Emergency contact, allergies, and a favorite quote.


A Quick Response (QR) code is also included, whereby anyone with a smartphone and close proximity to the wearer can access the code, which brings up a special website with any and all data you want to include. So, not only does the Crashtag help in an emergency, it can also be used as a high-tech business card.

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There are ten backside stock image options to choose from; some come with special offers and others contribute to non-profits. Other options for wearing or carrying the Crashtag include silencers when the ball chain option is selected. You can also attach it to your keychain, shoelaces, wrist, ankle, in your wallet, or with your phone. A Crashtag can be ordered with a 6-inch cable and barrel closure, which makes it super easy to put on your hydration backpack, fanny pack, hiking boots or running shoes, fanny pack, luggage, stuff like that.

So, how did it work?

My Crashtag arrived about a week after placing the order, and inside the simple metal case was the tag with easy adjustment instructions. I double-checked my data, put it around my neck, tucked it in my jersey before zipping, and off I rode. I didn’t feel it at all until I stripped down after my ride. Time will tell how long the thin lanyard lasts, but it was a rather simple effort to include my emergency contact information. Because it’s a new gadget, I’ll be showing my bike-riding friends every chance I get.

Remember, titanium won’t rust, is not magnetic, and is hypo-allergenic. Dimensions: 2″x 1-1/8″ (5.08 x 2.86cm), .05″ thick (1.3mm). Weight is approximately four grams.

How it’s made:


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