Field Tested: Linus Bike – The Pouch

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The Pouch is one of several urban commuting bags designed by Linus Bike. At a one-half liter capacity, it allows just enough room for the essentials on a pedal to the pub. This small bag is right-sized for your wallet, phone and sunglasses and while it could be used as a tool bag, it’s cream-colored canvas interior isn’t suited for the grime.

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The bag is designed to hang on a top tube, bars, or the rails of a Brooks saddle via two leather, buckle-style, straps. With a little effort, the straps fit securely through the saddle bag loops of my Brooks Cambium C17. I used The Pouch on my bars and saddle, opposed the top tube, as it interfered with the water bottle cage on my small frame bikes.

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A brass grommet on the backside serves as a port for headphones. Listening while riding made the most sense when the bag was hanging on the bike’s bars. When it was attached to the saddle, I was unable to comfortably stand up for a climb without tugging on the headphones. I like this in concept, but having headphones attached to your bike in any position puts them at risk for getting wrapped up in a wheel.

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The coated canvas outer will shed a light rain, but a flap closure makes the bag apt for dry days.

At $36, The Pouch is a great little bag for riding around the city. Its simple color palette and clutch-like style make it fitting to carry off the bike, as well. Available in Navy, Army Green and Sand with a Cream liner.

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