Search and State: S1-J Riding Jacket

SAS Jacket (1 of 1)-4

SAS Jacket (1 of 1)-4

Search and State is a New York-based brand that designs and constructs cycling apparel in the Manhattan Garment District. The line has a level of simplicity that I appreciate, offering a concise assortment of riding basics. A color selection of black or sandstone is complimented by a few solids including gray, navy or olive (men’s only) and the clothing is void of graphics except for a thoughtfully placed SAS logo on a sleeve or a zipper lining.

For the S1-J Riding Jacket, Search and State uses a textile called c_change, which is designed to adapt to its surrounding environment; to breathe in warm temperatures and insulate in the cold. The fabric is flexible and soft to the touch, with a little stretch and the resulting S1-J is very water and wind resistant, while maintaining some breathability. Read more about c_change here.

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The lightweight, 6.5 ounce, jacket is fitted throughout the arms and body, with a roomy low-profile back pocket. Long sleeves and snug elastic cuffs keep your arms covered and the wind out, while riding. Due to its tailored style, it’s a great second layer over a jersey and thin enough to be worn under a vest in colder weather. On a low exertion ride through the city, in the low 50’s, I layered it over a long sleeve jersey and was totally comfortable. Lightweight jackets are often paired with small zippers, but that’s not the case here. The S1-J is equipped with sizable zippers that are easy to operate while wearing gloves.

SAS Jacket (1 of 1)

Although the Search and State apparel is geared towards road riders, its simple, subdued, style is perfectly suitable for mountain biking and around town. It’s lightweight qualities make the jacket packable; the S1-J rolls down to a size of about four cubic inches. On mountain bike rides I carried it in my hydration and camera bag for when the weather turned cool.

The S1-J is available for men and women in black (tested) and sandstone. It retails for $255.

Photos by Emily Walley

In June 2014, Search and State commissioned Joseph Holway to deliver the fist S2R Performance Jersey from their sewing room in Manhattan to Golden Saddle Cyclery in Los Angeles. He completed the 3,000 mile journey in 21 days by bicycle, alone and unsupported. Joseph documented his trip solely through the use of his iPhone.”

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