Levi’s launches 2015 Commuter line, now with women’s styles

The Levi's Commuter Women's Button Down Shirt ($68) and Windbreaker ($138).

The Levi’s Commuter Women’s Button Down Shirt ($68) and Windbreaker ($138).

We’ve been fans of many of the Levi’s Commuter pieces since we first sampled them, and this year the iconic denim brand is expanding the line and adding women’s pieces.


The Levi’s Commuter Women’s Skinny Jeans ($88).

Inspired by and designed for cyclists, the collection bridges from casual wear to performance by using stretchy fabrics that keep you comfortable and design details that work well on the bike.


You can see the full men’s and women’s collection online now.



Review: Levi’s Commuter hooded trucker jacket


We got a box of Levi’s Commuter gear in recently, and while some of the pants fit, I’ve come to terms with the fact that my 40 year old self isn’t of the generation that gets along with skinny, tapered jeans. Luckily in the same box were two Hooded Trucker jackets.

Not that I’ve spent a lot of time around truck stops, but I don’t recall a lot of truckers wearing jackets like this, but maybe the hipsters are moving from wanna-be lumberjack to wanna-be trucker. Wanna-be or not, this is a good looking jacket, cut nicely for riding and standing around, with some very discrete features that work well for riding.

See the details here.

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