Bicycle Times Issue #39 is here!

Here we go! Our first issue of 2016 is in the wild.

We took a bit of a breather over the winter to tune up our bikes and tune up the pages of Bicycle Times. You might notice some small changes here and there in the issue but, at our heart, we are still the all-inclusive cycling forum you’ve come to love.

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We firmly believe that bicycles have the power to transform lives, and nowhere is that transformation visible on a grand scale than in our cities. There are few better ways to see a city than on a bicycle. You feel its topography, you hear its hum, you taste its grit. After the urban flight of the 1970s and 80s, cities across America and beyond are being reborn in the 21st century thanks to an influx of young people and progressive transportation planning. Within this movement, the bicycle has taken center stage.


Look no further than Detroit, where an upstart business is capitalizing on a skilled manufacturing workforce to bring back large-scale industrial manufacturing. At the Detroit Bikes factory, tubes of steel and components enter one end and complete bicycles exit the other.


In New York City, bicycles are bringing disparate groups of women together to foster a sense of community and expand their transportation options. Learn how one group of women is inspiring others in the five boroughs and beyond.


Beyond the U.S. borders, where “revolution” has often had a very different meaning, bicycles are connecting people with their community and their environment like never before. In Bogotá, Colombia, the residents celebrate Earth Day by shutting down the streets to motor vehicles and letting bicycles and pedestrians have free reign.

According to the United Nations, 54 percent of the world’s population lives in cities, and that number is expected to climb to 66 percent by 2050. As density rises, the automobile will inevitably be left behind, and bicycles will become the vehicle of choice for fun and freedom.

I think it will be a great ride.

– Adam, Bicycle Times Editor-in-Chief

Also in this issue


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Cycling should be joyful, not painful. Learn to identify what is causing your aches and pains while cycling and how to remedy them.


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Microcosm Publishing isn’t your average publishing company. Learn how this independent press promotes cycling in ways you’d never expect.

Product reviews


  • Shinola Detroit Arrow
  • Tern Eclipse X22
  • Peace Dreamer
  • RSD Catalyst 700+
  • Backpacks from Chrome and Osprey
  • Helmets from Kali and Giro
  • Lights from Portland Design Works and Orp
  • Five pairs of bike-friendly trousers
  • Four bike locks
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