Factory Tour: Brompton Bicycle


Brentford, London is home to bicycle maker Brompton. More than 45,000 small-wheeled folders are made each year, with two-thirds exported around the world. Want to see how they’re made, and who makes them? Filmmaker Ben Marshall and photographer Guillermo Becerra captured the action below.

The design adheres closely to founder Andrew Ritchie’s vision when he started the company in 1976, with a few refinements. All Brompton folding bicycle models share the same curved frame, consisting of a hinged main tube, pivoting rear triangle, fork, and hinged handle-bar stem. The main tube and stem are made of steel in all models.


The rear triangle and fork are either steel or titanium, depending on the model. The steel sections are joined by brazing, not welding. Wheels are 349mm (13.7 in) rim size, carrying 16-inch diameter tires. The handlebars and some peripheral components are aluminum.


A Brompton bicycle uses over 1,200 individual pieces, 80 percent of which are manufactured solely for the Brompton design. We’ll be testing the latest model in October. Stay tuned for a first look!


This post originally misstated the number of bikes Brompton builds each year. It is 45,000.

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