Shimano unveils new Flat Mount road disc caliper system

 shimano-road-disc-2 shimano-road-disc-1

Flat Mount calipers

Shimano has released two new hydraulic disc calipers that make for a cleaner fit on road and cyclocross bikes. The new Flat Mount calipers are reversed from ISO mount brake calipers in that the female end is on the caliper and the bolt goes through the (specially designed) chainstay and into the caliper. This results in a flush look on the frame. On the fork the caliper uses a special adapter to fit standard ISO mounting points. Adapters will also be available that allow the as-of-yet unreleased bikes with the Flat Mount to accept traditional ISO brake calipers.


The new calipers will be available in both Ultegra-level and 105-level.

So what bikes can you fit these on? None at the moment, though it’s a given that there will be some released at the Sea Otter expo in a few weeks. With the certain likelihood that disc brakes will be introduced into pro racing in a year or two, Shimano seems committed to designing products specifically for the road market rather than adapting mountain bike designs.


105-level hydraulic brakes

The inevitable trickle-down of Shimano technologies continues with the introduction of the new ST-RS505 shift and brake levers. A more affordable alternative to the ST-RS805 Ultegra-level models, the shifters pair 11-speed mechanical shifting with Shimano’s amazing hydraulic disc brakes. The units feature a reach and free-stroke adjustment to keep them comfortable for all riders. The ST-RS505 shifters of course will be compatible with the new Flat Mount calipers but will also compatible with standard Shimano disc calipers. The ST-RS505 levers are not technically part of the 105 group but are equivalent in terms of features and price. All of Shimano’s drop bar hydraulic disc brakes are “non-series” components but usually align with the existing groups.

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