QBP Equality and Diversity Internship seeks to advance inclusion in the bike industry

Quality Bicycle Products (QBP), a host and distributor of many bicycle-related brands, launched an Equity and Diversity Internship in December to help contribute to “a larger culture shift in the bike and outdoor industries — a shift toward inclusivity, embracing new and different ideas, and amplifying diverse perspectives.”

QBP is no stranger to promoting inclusivity – in the past the company hosted a Women’s Internship program and a Women’s Mechanic Scholarship program. The Equity and Diversity Internship caters to members of underrepresented communities and identities, as well as students who have demonstrated a commitment towards advancing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The bike industry is notoriously dominated by older, white men, but that is slowly changing. It’s up to all of us, including media outlets like ours and companies like QBP, to begin to change the paradigm and make the sport inviting and accessible to everyone.

There are nine different opportunities for this Internship program for a variety of skills and interests: Product Management, Data Analyst, Software Quality, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Purchasing, Design Engineering, Marketing Research and Legal. The internship will take place this coming summer at the QBP Headquarters in Bloomington, Minnesota. No prior bike experience is necessary to apply.

Applications are open until March 8, 2018. You can find more information here.



Sea Otter Classic 2017: Sneak preview of the Breezer Doppler gravel bike


At Sea Otter Classic this year, Breezer was showing off a new gravel bike that will be available for 2018.

The Doppler bridges the gap between Breezer’s two current drop bar adventure bikes, the Inversion and the Radar. The Inversion is an all-road model while the Radar is more dirt oriented with 29 x 2.1 inch mountain bike tires.

The Doppler is designed for road, gravel and dirt touring and randonneuring, featuring tubeless-ready 27.5 inch wheels with stainless fenders, rack mounts and disc brakes.

There will be three different models available. The top two will be spec’d with traditional drop bars and Shimano Ultegra or Tiagra. The model pictured, called the Doppler Cafe, will feature SRAM Apex 1×11 and a 680 mm wide sweeper bar.

Pricing for the Doppler will hit under $900, while the Ultegra-equipped Doppler Team will roll out at just under $2,000 and the Doppler Pro with Tiagra 10 speed will come in at around $1250.

All models will be available this coming fall.












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