The Crepe Cart wins Yuba Cargo Bike Biz Plan Contest

Earlier this summer, Yuba Bikes held a business plan contest to give away a Supermarché front loader cargo bike to someone with a creative business idea involving said bicycle.

The Yuba Cargo Bike Biz Plan Contest aimed to show the world what a bike, especially the Supermarché, can do. This front loader cargo bike can haul up to 300 pounds of cargo (not including the driver), and its big, low front rack can be piled high, watched over and makes the bike easy to maneuver. Yuba boasts that this bike could replace a delivery van, and part of the goal of the Biz Plan contest was to show that.

“What makes this front loader special is the super smooth dual actuated cable steering, 90 degree steering radius and extra low front rack,” says Kate Herr, marketing coordinator for Yuba Bikes. “This all adds up to a powerful cargo hauling machine that steers like butter and turns heads everywhere.”

To enter, applicants had to submit a business plan summary that addressed a series of questions about their business and how the bike would be put to use. The contest ran until the end of July, after which judges Benjamin Sarrazin, founder and president of Yuba Cargo Bikes, and our very own publisher Maurice Tierney chose the winner from 17 entries.

While there were a lot of great ones, The Crepe Cart’s dream of a roving fleet of snack-serving cargo bikes was pretty inspiring, and it took the cake (or crepe?), so to speak.

The Crepe Cart is a wagon push cart that has been serving sweet and savory crepes daily in the French Quarter area of New Orleans, Louisiana for the past four years. Part of the creperie’s vision is to take its mobile operations to the next level and a cargo bike is an excellent way to accomplish that. One of the managers of the business owns a Yuba, found out about the contest and was inspired to make a crepe bike.

The Crepe Cart’s new Supermarch√© will initially be used to make deliveries during the day and for special French Quarter events. Eventually, the business would like to employ multiple bikes to rove around the city selling crepes, a move that will hopefully cause the Cart to “become legendary.”


Have a great business plan or idea for a cargo bike but missed the contest? Don’t fret; Herr says that Yuba will definitely be doing similar contests in the future. “We’ve found this is a great way to connect with folks who are looking to dive into the cargo bike lifestyle so even if they don’t win the contest we can reach out later and answer any questions or help remove any barriers that might be standing in the way,” she says. “Plus,” she adds, “It’s really fun for us!


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