Enter to win a ride connection prize package from BioLogic

Whether you’re on the open road or on your way to work, it’s nice to stay connected. This prize package from BioLogic includes a waterproof WeatherCase, a Bluetooth speed and cadence sensor and a Bluetooth heart rate monitor strap. Together with the free BioLogic BikeBrain app they turn your smartphone into a powerful cycling computer. All together it’s a $135 value.



Enter to win by filling out the entry form below, or by opening it in a new window. Please read the terms and conditions before entering, and don’t delay, the drawing will be held Thursday, July 23.

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Review: Biologic Joule Dynamo Hub and Trelock Lights

Lighting is a crucial element for bicycle safety. While there are plenty of battery-powered lights on the market, they only last for so long before the batteries need to be replaced or recharged—plus you have to remember to bring the light with you! Dynamo hubs offer endless electricity, powered by your pedals. The only trade-off is that the small amount of rolling resistance you get while generating that electricity can be, well, a drag. A new hub from Biologic has a way to get around all that.


Read our review of the hub and lights here.

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