Review: Axiom Annihilateair G200 Floor Pump

Cyclists of all levels can benefit from a good floor pump. The Annihilateair G200 Floor Pump from Axiom Gear is one such pump. It is constructed with an alloy body and a wide base for stability. Speaking of the base, the footrests for this pump have metal pins, like those found on quality flat pedals, which is great for really gripping the pump. So long as you have shoes on.

The Annihilateair’s Presta/Schrader dual-valve worked well and clamped onto the tire valves easily with a nice, long, side-pull mechanism. The Annihilateair G200 is also equipped with a bleed valve for tubeless tire setup, so you can dial in your pressure just so.

An extra long hose is always appreciated, making for easier use all-around, allowing you to reach more without having to move the thing too much. The Annihilateair will fill your road, adventure or mountain bike tires with up to 200 psi/13.7 bar of pressure. The replaceable mountain bike grips on the handle are an interesting addition but does not have much sway in my love for this pump.

I prefer an analog gauge because I’ve have had a few digital gauges just stop working on me (yes, I replaced the battery), but there’s no need to worry about that with the Annihilateair. The analog dial works smoothly and precisely and looks pretty great too.

Overall the pump performed well and continues to do so. The Axiom Gear Annihilateair 200 hits 100psi quickly, with little effort. The extra long hose, dual valve, sweet analog dial and bleed valve make this particular pump my new favorite.



Weight 1700 g / 3.75 lbs
Height 745 mm / 29.3 in
Price: $117



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