The top 20 most bike-friendly cities in the world

Amsterdam. Copenhagen. Barcelona. Those are cities that you’d expect to see among the most bike-friendly in the world, and sure enough they sit atop the annual rankings from Copenhagenize, an urban design consulting firm that focuses on pedestrian and bike-friendly cities. An American city made the list for the first time too, and it isn’t Portland or Boulder or even New York. It’s Minneapolis.


Photo by Ernesto de Quesada on Flickr – CC.

Despite the frigid winters, Minneapolis is emerging as a leader in American cities embracing bike infrastructure, according to the rankings. It boasts more than 100 miles of “on-street bikeways” and more than 90 miles of “off-street.” Despite having the lowest baseline score of the top 20 cities, the bike share system earned it bonus points, as did the attitude of city hall.


So what could help Minneapolis start to climb the list? Copenhagenize recommends forgetting about winter and focusing on boosting ridership during the rest of the year. Improving the protected, on-street bike network—including being the first city to NOT feature sharrows in the lane—would go a long way to setting the standard for other American cities to follow.


After two years with Amsterdam at Number 1, Copenhagen, Denmark, took the top spot this year.

The full rankings

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  3. Utrecht, Netherlands
  4. Strasbourg, France
  5. Eindhoven, Netherlands
  6. Malmö, Sweden
  7. Nantes, France
  8. Bordeaux, France
  9. Antwerp, Belgium
  10. Seville, Spain
  11. Barcelona, Catalonia
  12. Berlin, Germany
  13. Liubljana, Slovenia
  14. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  15. Dublin, Ireland
  16. Vienna, Austria
  17. Paris, France
  18. Minneapolis, USA
  19. Hamburg, Germany
  20. Montréal, Canada
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